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Allegro Music Reviews

Cindy Correa
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Staff is very friendly. I’ve recommended them to friends multiple times. In my experience they can get whatever instrument I need quickly. I also used them to repair my cello that had been damaged and their technician did a wonderful job, even improved the sound by adjusting the bridge! Thank you!
Alicia Bonilla
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Andrew is awesome to work with, very knowledgeable. We appreciate the exchange program and the opportunity to build equity toward a future purchase. Thank you!
Diane Smith
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The store is second to none. Very knowledgeable staff and if they don’t have what you need, they will order it. Rick is a great drum teacher too.
Zachary Walker
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Brough in some guitars from some repair I din't feel comfortable doing myself, and they were super helpful. I ended up buying a new guitar while there and everyone was patient with my questions and seemed genuinely happy to help me out. It's a great little local store!
A Donley
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My kiddo goes here for music lessons, and the instructor (Kelly) is awesome. She is so patient and kind, and really knows her stuff! ...
Laura Kleim
12 /1/2020
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"My little brother and I have frequented Allegro for the past year or so, and the staff as always been friendly, knowledgeable..."
Michael Hale
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Great selection for a smaller shop. Very knowledgeable staff with personalized attention given. Would recommend to everyone.
Lemonte G.
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Whether you're looking to learn a new instrument or adding to your collection, their staff is very knowledgeable and super helpful....
Amy G.
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Our son has been taking guitar lessons at Allegro for many years now, and it's been awesome to see him grow in skill and confidence. If you're looking for experienced music teachers that really care.
Ewan Gregory
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"I took lessons at Allegro for over eight years, and I can confidently say that Allegro is one of the most welcoming and personalized music stores in Colorado..."
Bryan F.
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"As a drummer I find this place incredibly resourceful..."
Hunter Bell
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Got some marching sticks and set of cymbals for my drum set a while ago. Amazing people and a really cool store. Can't wait to go back in whenever I have more musical needs!