Student Playing the Cello with the bow

Widely Used

Few instruments will open more doors than the cello. Used widely in everything from small string quartets to full-sized orchestras, everyone seems to want a cello player around. 

More than any other instrument in the string family, the sound can be sweet and intimate or heavy and aggressive. Our professional instructors will help you explore both, and everything in between during our advanced or beginner cello lessons.

Our Instructors

All of our teachers at Allegro Music work independently and charge their own rates. Tuition is generally $30.00 for a 30 minute lesson. Take a look below at some of our awesome teachers! Feel Free to contact us directly and set up lessons!

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Professional Instructors

Christi Matwichuk, Cello Teacher and Classical Music Instructor

Christi Matwichuk

Christi Matwichuk

Christi Matwichuk

A start in piano at 4 led to a lifelong love of music, with emphasis on classical & popular genres. Christi’s teaching focuses on fundamentals and enjoyment of music. 

Sarah Cole, Professional Musician and Viola Instructor

Sarah Cole

Christi Matwichuk

Christi Matwichuk

A lifelong lover of music and professional musician. Sarah’s teaching focuses on helping students to reach their own goals and helping to foster musical curiosity. 

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