Maple Leaf Cellos

Chaconne 4/4 Cello – MLS500 – Highly rated step up instrument from Maple Leaf.Parisian Eye Ebony fittings, Wittner tailpiece with a 4 built-in fine tuners and Aubert 14 bridge


  • D’Addario Helicore strings
  • Professional quality hand-applied spirit and oil mixed varnish
  • Fully hand-carved medium figure Grade AA seasoned spruce top and flamed curly maple back that have been dried for 4-5 years
  • Premium advanced student graduation pattern


Master Linn 4/4 Cello Master Collection 3100C

Master Linn’s instruments are known for exceptional value and playability.


  • Ebony pegs and tailpiece with Wittner single fine tuner, and Aubert 14 bridge
  • Larson Solo A&D Spirocore Tungsten G&C Strings
  • Master level quality hand-applied oil varnish with a simulated authentic antique style
  • Fully hand-carved, highly figured, Grade AAA seasoned spruce top and maple back that have been dried for 5+ years
  • Professional Stradivarius graduation pattern


Why do I need a step up cello?

  • Better and longer aged top/back woods
  • Better varnishes
  • Thinner top woods that bring out exceptional tones and playability
  • upgraded bows and cases