Student and Instructor playing the flute during flute lessons

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The flute is often thought of as a soft and delicate instrument, and it certainly can be. We think you'll find that in the capable hands of our experts it can be much more than that. 

Great rock frontmen, such as Peter Gabriel of Genesis and Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, have used this instrument to great effect. It's been described as the closest instrument to the human voice. It's also a great addition to any school band. Taking flute lessons are a great idea for veterans as well as beginners; it's been reported that Anderson a guitarist, decided he would "never be Eric Clapton" and bought a flute, which became his signature sound!

Unlock the dynamic range and potential of the flute with lessons from our professional instructors. 

We offer flute lessons in Parker, Colorado at our Allegro Music store. Many of our customers come from the Denver area as well.

Our Instructors

All of our teachers at Allegro Music work independently and charge their own rates. Tuition is generally $120.00 per month. Take a look below at some of our awesome teachers! Feel Free to contact us directly and set up lessons!

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Professional Instructors

Kelly Blakeney, Classical Flute Instructor

Kelly Blakeney

Kelly Blakeney

Kelly Blakeney

A classically-trained recording musician whose experience makes her an excellent teacher for all ages. Kelly focuses on strong basic skills while encouraging love for music.

Flute Closeup

Mark McClurken

Kelly Blakeney

Kelly Blakeney

Bio coming soon.

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