Music Fun Time

Give Your Child a Life-Long Learning Advantage

PreSchool and Young Child Music Program for Ages 18 months to 7 years

Music Fun Time will open up a world of possibilities for your child at the most crucial early stages of their development.

Do you want to give your child an amazing learning advantage? Wouldn’t you like to boost your child’s development, attention span, and reasoning abilities Then you need to enroll your child in Music Fun Time at Allegro Music!

Music Fun Time is a unique comprehensive music program for children ages 18 months to 7 years old. Research has proven that learning MUSIC increases a child’s comprehension and math skills. It can also help your child become more confident, and better at communication. 

What makes Music Fun Time different?

Well, It’s not your ordinary preschool clapping to kid’s songs class! Music Fun Time teaches children, at a very young age, how to actually read music, play music, and understand music theory.

It’s a full, progressive curriculum that incorporates music theory along with fun child involvement… With games, activities, and more! Available as on-line lessons or in-person studio lessons. It’s fun, easy to do and children look forward to it!

Music Fun Time will teach your child how to read staff music, rhythm, note values, time signatures, and more. We keep them excited and involved, playing percussion, learning the keyboard, joining sing-alongs, doing movements and exploring new instruments, sounds and music. And the best part is-the kids love it! When kids are excited to grasp new concepts, new concepts are easier to grasp!

With Music Fun Time, your child will become more confident, communicative, and develop an increased attention span, in addition to a growing appetite and appreciation for various types of music and musical instruments.

Unique and Proven

With so many testimonials from parents who see an amazing difference in their kids. You can read some of their stories on our website.

Complete and Structured

With classes designed to help boost your child’s intellect.

Easy To Attend

Available as on-line lessons or in-person studio lessons

Popular and Award Winning

Taught throughout the United States and Canada. Voted best preschool and young child music program by Suburban Family Magazine two years in a row.

Music Theory

Music Theory

We'll teach your child to read music in the same manner they are taught letters, numbers, colors, shapes, etc. We've created an array of colorful music teaching tools and worksheets that teach rhythm, pitch, notation, symbols and key signatures.



Students are given a backpack with rhythm instruments at registration to use in class and at home. Throughout the course, additional materials and games are provided adding variety, diversity and fun! All students are introduced to piano, guitar, percussion, violin, bells, kazoos and flutophones.

Creative Crafts

Creative Crafts

Our special Musical crafts lessons teach children music theory in a fun, artistic way. Kids love it!



To introduce students to performance, each child has the opportunity to perform for one another, for their teacher in class, and for their families at home. This gives the children the appreciation of listening to others and also boosts their confidence when they themselves perform at our recitals!

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Give your child a fun and amazing learning advantage that will literally last a lifetime!