The Classical Instrument

This is it. The instrument that so many composers, singers and songwriters have put to such incredible use throughout the centuries. If you want to write and play music, the time you put into the keys will pay dividends later. Taking private piano lessons is the perfect way to learn music theory. It is the easiest way to visualize chords, notes, and scales. If you don't play an instrument, piano is the perfect place to start!If you already play an instrument, why not add piano to your repertoire? Beginner piano lessons will teach you things you cannot learn with any other instrument. It is used in all styles of music and will help you find more gig opportunities. Learning how to play the piano is a life-long journey, but we can make sure you're starting off on the right track. Cross it off your bucket list today.

Our Piano Instructors

We have a few piano instructors that we work with to provide lessons. Our teachers work independently, so they set their own rates. Most charge around $120.00 monthly but each teacher may be different. Read through the piano instructors' bios and then contact us to get started with your lessons. 

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Professional Instructors

Kelly Blakeney

Kelly Blakeney, Classically trained Piano Teacher

A well-experienced recording musician with classical training. Kelly's experience lends well to teaching for all ages. She focuses on strong fundamentals and basic skills while encouraging the student's love of music.

Sarah Cole

Sarah Cole, Musician and Professional Piano Teacher

A lifelong lover of music and professional musician. Sarah’s teaching focuses on helping students to reach their own goals and helping to foster musical curiosity.

Christi Matwichuk

Christi Matwichuk, Classical Piano Lesson Instructor

Working with the piano since 4, Christy has had a lifelong passion and love of music, specifically both the popular & classical genres. Christi focuses her piano teachings on the enjoyment of music and the fundamentals of playing the instrument.

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