YSL620 –

Professional Tenor Trombones with F Attachment.The F-attachment on the trombone has two main purposes: It provides alternate slide positions for some notes. It provides a few lower notes. Great step up instrument for any trombone player looking to take their playing to a new level!



The Yamaha YSL-445G is the next step up from the standard student YSL-345. This trombone features a medium-large bore horn and offers incredible versatility. The tone is rich and balanced with a bore and bell size that are the same as professional models. The response time is quick and accurate with a smooth sliding function that provides consistent playability in nearly all registers.


Why do I need a step up Trombone?

  • Better overall quality
  • Better tones
  • Better build quality
  • Longevity of your instrument
  • Higher quality components
  • Some beginner models are not equipped to handle more difficult material as you progress on trombone.