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Ukuleles are fun to play, of course, but they're surprisingly deep and rewarding as well. Originating from Hawaii, the punchy twang of the ukulele is both whimsical and characteristic. 

Taking ukulele lessons in Parker is a great way to spend your time and money. In a world where everyone plays a little guitar, impress your friends with this unique instrument! Our teachers will help you get the most out of your time. 

Learn the ukulele because it's a journey many serious musicians discover later in their career, and some even come to enjoy it more than full-sized guitars and other conventional instruments. Try it today! 

Our Instructors

Our Ukulele teachers work with Allegro Music to provide you and your student direct one-on-one private lessons. They set their own rates but generally tuition is around $120 per month. Read through the teachers' information below and then contact us directly to set up your first lesson!

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Professional Instructors

Cary Steinberg, String Instrument Lesson Instructor for Guitars, Mandolins, and Ukuleles

Cary Steinberg

Cary Steinberg

Cary Steinberg

A string instrument teacher that teaches students wanting to learn how to play bass, guitar, mandolin, and ukulele. Cary has over 20 years of experience and wants his students to truly enjoy playing and get crazy about music. 

Cindy Warrick, Ukulele Teacher

Cindy Warrick

Cary Steinberg

Cary Steinberg

Bio coming soon!