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The viola occupies a space, both physically and tonally, between the deeper cello and higher-pitched violin. It makes an excellent addition to deepen your studies of the string section, and an equally great starter instrument because you can easily scale up or down. We have viola lessons in Parker.

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Our Instructors

All  of our teachers at Allegro Music work independently and charge their  own rates. Tuition is generally $120.00 per month. Take a look below at  some of our awesome teachers! Feel Free to contact us directly and set  up lessons!

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Professional Instructors

Barb Mendeisberg, Viola Instructor

Barb Mendeisberg

Christi Matwichuk

Christi Matwichuk

A teacher for over 15 years, with experience teaching music to students of all ages. Barbara focuses on learning basics in an enjoyable environment but customizes when needed during her viola lessons.

Christi Matwichuk, Classical Viola Teacher

Christi Matwichuk

Christi Matwichuk

Christi Matwichuk

A start in piano at 4 led to a lifelong love of music, with emphasis on classical & popular genres during her viola lessons . Christi’s teaching focuses on the fundamentals and enjoyment of music. 

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